Virtual CIO Services

Our Virtual CIO and Shared IT Service helps small and medium sized enterprises manage Information Technology in order to redirect their focus away from IT problems and towards their core business. Among other things, we can take charge of your information technology domain to:

... and much more. In short we cater to all your requirements from Technology Assessment, Acquisition, Strategic Planning, policies, technology performance management, training etc. at much lower costs and the same degree of accountability as compared to having dedicated resources.

Our virtual CIO, shared services or 'part time' IT department model is derived from the simple understanding that none of the tasks / activities carried out by an IT department require full-time involvement from all IT staff and that no IT team can have expertise in all areas of technologies. By bringing together the best talent pool under one umbrella and sharing and rotating this based on demand across multiple small enterprises, we are able to offer SMBs the best of technology services at significantly reduced costs. As such, we always come in as your business partner helping you focus on your business needs. While we may have deep technical skills, we are much more than a bunch of technical employees looking for direction. As a result what you get are specialists handling specific tasks instead of generalists - resulting in better service and better solutions plus the simple fact that you eliminate overheads since you are only paying for services you use.

We know from our experience, and that of our customers, that Virtual CIO & Managed IT services can provide your business better, more reliable and more secure technology solutions at lower costs. To explore how you can benefit from this latest trend in IT, please contact us to arrange for a no obligation consultation.

The Difference

  • Large pool of specialists from various industry verticals who understand your unique needs
  • Seasoned technology leaders available on call
  • Complete accountability without the overheads
  • Access to leading technologies, industry best practices and knowledge base
  • Flexibility combined with significantly lower costs