IT and IS Audit

Very simply put, an IT audit attempts to provide assurance on the key areas of Availability (Will the organization's computer systems be available for the business at all times when required?), Confidentiality (Will the information in the systems be disclosed only to authorized users?), And Integrity (Will the information provided by the system always be accurate, reliable, and timely?

An IT audit therefore is the process of collecting and evaluating evidence of an organization's information systems, practices, and operations. The evaluation of obtained evidence then determines if the information systems are safeguarding assets, maintaining data integrity, and operating effectively to achieve the organization's goals or objectives.

What differentiates our practitioners is their ability to "collect and evaluate evidence" as subject matter experts with expertise in various IT domains and their significant operational experience in the industry.

Most importantly, our audit professionals provide the necessary independence in attitude and appearance that is critical on all matters related to information systems control.

Technology Project Audit

Today, with reduced technology projects budgets, mounting pressure to deliver to internal and external customers, IT Departments and organisations must be capable of ensuring business solutions under development are fit for purpose, technically achievable, and, well within budgetary scope. Technology and business managers need a clear assurance on their technology base and how it can be developed, managed and optimised.

Unfortunately, even with the increased emphasis on ensuring that new projects will deliver business benefit, and, on measuring and demonstrating those benefits after delivery, a significant percentage of technology programmes and projects fail. Budgets are cancelled, funding is redirected or reduced. Projects are abandoned, delivered late or incomplete, and deliverables are of insufficient quality or do not perform as originally intended for reasons that vary from over-dependency on technology providers, lack of in-depth technical knowledge and experience to so called "political reasons". To address this essential gap, we offer audit and technical assurance services to support managers and their organisations in programme and project governance, technology management and business continuity.

All our audit professionals are experienced consultants, who can provide unique insight into the potential and actual problems that confront technology projects, allowing for balanced, experienced-based interaction with management and technical staff, and, providing the necessary independent view of the current state, challenges and risks.