Solution Design and Development

Infotech uses its proprietary DFrame® framework and Distributed Solutions Development (DSM®) methodology to deliver solution design and development projects – on-time and on-budget.

DFrame® is a collaborative, interaction-based implementation methodology, developed and fine-tuned after decades of experience that specifically addresses the key risks associated with "green-field" technology development projects.

The DFrame® methodology "de-frames" the typical "boxed" approach of the classical SDLC model to address critical key factors that impact any system development lifecycle and is based around our in-depth understanding of the following:

Built by combining Rapid Application Development elements such as close end-user collaboration, early prototyping, iterative user testing of designs and reuse of pre-built components the DFrame methodology breaks down the development life-cycle in to multiple Work Segments (WS), that seamlessly, dove-tail in to each to address the factors at each stage.

Where required we also use our Distributed Solution Development approach that, is based around creating a distributed, virtual team of experts that collaborate on a project to ensure the client has access to the best possible resources at minimal possible cost. Our experts are drawn from a virtual pool of experts based in India, Singapore and the U.A.E. and assigned to projects in full consultation with the client.

Built around the latest communication technologies such as virtual desktops, internet based collaboration tools and cloud based components and services, the DSM methodology distributes the overall projects objectives and goals across the team with all deliverables being seamlessly collated by a central client facing core project team and / or project manager.

This results in the lowest possible costing, single point accountability and over-lapping, parallel development cycles that result in faster turn-around, reduced errors and overall much lower costs.

The combination of DFrame, DSM, our creative team, and our decades of experience in systems integration work allow us to deliver high quality solutions on a reduced time, cost and risk basis, all on time and on budget.

Irrespective of your project size therefore, what you can expect are:

So before you sign up for that expensive development project, give us a call to discover how "fixed-time", "fixed-fee" projects are not only possible but the key to your success.