IT Performance Assessment

If you have asked yourself any of the above questions in past 12 months then you are probably looking at some weakness in your IT organization. The fact is an organization's IT capability cannot continue with the status quo and be successful.

IT Executive leaders now increasingly realize that using a proven frame-work to measure current IT capabilities is the first step to creating a sustainable, high-performance IT organization.

Our proprietary IT Performance Assessment frame-work, developed after years of testing enables you to rapidly analyze your current IT capabilities and related impact on your business.

Going beyond just the standard IT architectural components of infrastructure, applications and information, the specialised Performance Assessment frame-work examines the critical dependencies between your overall IT capability (management, service delivery and governance) and your business capabilities.

The in-built flexibility of our IT Performance Assessment frame-work allows it to be used irrespective of the size of your IT organization and provides a comprehensive review of the effectiveness and efficiency of your IT function.

The outcome of the assessment can then be fed in to structured workshops with operational and strategic personnel to build a process model of your IT service management group and recommendations that provide you with opportunities to make IT cost savings, provide more effective service support and delivery and demonstrate tangible improvements in service to your customers.