IT Governance and Processes

There are no simple solutions to any of the problems identified above. We at Infotech Resources however, have been able to demonstrate extraordinary results for companies by creating the realization that these are not just IT issues but company issues.

Through the application of a strict, practical discipline that acknowledges your organization's unique environment and constraints, our experts can help you re-align your IT function to become a source of true business value and a significant competitive advantage.

More importantly the our approach on developing the right IT Governance model and processes for you is derived from best practices on our unique insight and experience on drawing a holistic picture of your unique environment and needs.

So if you are looking at creating an IT Organization from scratch or creating a high performance pro-active IT function do talk to us to see how we can help you on everything from doing the IT Policy, IT Procedures, IT Organization structure to measuring IT Performance, implementing ITIL or simply re-vamping your IT HelpDesk.

The Difference

  • Tried and tested models based on global best practices and YOUR unique environment and needs
  • Governance models derived from a "value analysis" that factors in revenue, expenses and risk
  • Collaborative approach that involves business leaders from across the organization and creates ownership of IT initiatives to ensure the expected benefits are delivered
  • It Governance that ensures IT priorities are aligned with overall business strategy
  • Clear measures that demonstrate how IT performance is related to improved business performance