IT Cost Optimization

Much closer,

These are just a sampler of the kind of questions that often get lost in the web of ROI, TCO and IT spends eventually resulting in projects that are scrapped, haywire balance-sheets or in the worst case the CEO making it to the front page of the WSJ for all the wrong reasons!

So Where is the Problem?

The simple problem when it comes to IT-Business alignment is $$$. Quantifying and measuring the true benefits of IT investments has been a challenge in most organizations that use technology as a driver to increase productivity or capacity, improve quality and reduce costs – in short almost all organizations that do not rely on technology services/products as their primary source of income.

The problem is more pronounced in typical financial organizations where technology is often perceived as an operational commodity rather than a strategic enabler.

Most such organizations have traditionally relied on classic methods – where possible of computing the ROI, TCO, IT spend to gross revenue ratio, payback etc. to determine where their biggest dollars should go.

Enter Business Value

While the concept of "Business Value" is often thrown around in response to the above, what has hampered its usage is the absence of any simple methodology that allows business value to be defined and then measured.

Based on extensive research and substantial analytics done by us, we believe it is now possible to measure business value using a simple approach by focusing on "base dimensions" like – "STRATEGIC ALIGNMENT", "FINACIAL VALUES", "SOFT VALUES" and "CONTEXTUAL VALUES".

Using these key parameters we have developed a Business Value model that allows for enough flexibility to be used across organizations and when used with industry standards templates and a customized scoring system can accurately help determine – How much IT is enough?

More importantly, our approach goes beyond the traditional approach of focusing purely on financial benefits and provides a more holistic picture which makes it possible to evaluate non-tangible initiatives, eliminates investment on apparently low TCO spends and provides the necessary framework for measuring the degree of IT-Business alignment.

So as the CEO, CFO or CIO if you find yourself struggling with increasing IT spends and constant battles on justifying such spends, talk to us today to see how we can make a measurable difference.

The Difference

  • Tried and tested methodology that YOU can implement
  • Goes beyond financial measures allowing for the evaluation of non-tangible initiatives
  • Time-bound, measurable outcome