Disaster Recovery

Tough questions that are often overlooked or often passed on as an IT problem.

The fact is, Disaster recovery is part of your business' response to risk. It is an investment - often a large one - the purpose of which is to mitigate the risks that your business faces. Unfortunately, most businesses do not approach disaster recovery in this way. Generally, this results in an inadequate level of disaster recovery preparation or worse creates false sense of security.

There are also organisations that believe they have covered business continuity because they have a published plan that covers all IT issues. The fact is any kind of DRP / BCP needs to be considered from a business perspective. IT plays an important role in the provision of systems and services but plans must consider issues such as access to buildings, power supplies and external threats. Regular formal risk assessment and business-impact analysis should drive the critical elements of your contingency plans. The process should involve individuals from all key business areas and highlight where interrelationships exist. A key distinction should be made between disaster recovery and longer-term business continuity, particularly with regard to responsibilities.

While tough questions are part and parcel of any kind of contingency planning, we at Infotech Resources believe resolution is possible and major risks can be mitigated at acceptable costs through the adoption of a carefully developed, collaborative approach.

Drawing on our huge experience of resolving real-life crisis situations in various organizations of all sizes, we can help you design your complete recovery plans from the ground-up to working with you to test the effectiveness of these plans.

Our approach to testing encompasses wider issues such as time of day, third-party reliance and other organisations in the supply chain. Equally, even though we understand that plans and tests are focused solely on the business, we help you measure and judge the impact these could have on long-term recovery - in short when it comes to DRP we not only ensure all the components fit together but also work together.

The Infotech Resources Difference

  • Viable and cost-effective disaster recovery planning based on global best practices and real-life learning's
  • Ability to ask tough questions and provide solutions tailored to your needs
  • Collaborative approach that involves business leaders from across the organization and creates ownership of IT initiatives to ensure the expected benefits are delivered
  • Focused approach that not only ensures all the components fit together but also work together.