Data Analytics and Reporting

Infotech Resources, "jargon" free, tailored approach to data analytics and reporting is meant to deliver rapid data visibility and unprecedented decision-making agility for all of your business. By avoiding "product based" gimmicks we are uniquely positioned to be able to complement or replace your existing BI analysis and reporting solutions.

Our ability to bring disparate data together and "operationalize" information across platforms and sources provides clients with valuable insights that enables them to leverage their data in a way to drive improved analytics, facilitate better servicing, and execute successful strategies. Our low-level, integrated approach to tackling data often at the database level, has allowed our clients to work natively with in-house business intelligence to improve performance, gain new financial insights, develop and execute strategies, manage risk, drive marketing initiatives and even automate customer communications.

Where required, we are willing to simply augment your internal capabilities assisting you on performing complex analysis, model development, providing counsel on data strategies, and producing customized reporting packages.

The Infotech Resource Difference

  • No rigid, "jargon-laced" BI tools to buy
  • Flexibility to combine and analyze data, easily and quickly across sources (with or without data warehousing)
  • Empower business users to perform most of their own data analysis and reporting
  • Reduce IT support required for reporting by up to 90%
  • Give users the ability to visualize information in a wide variety charts, graphs and tables
  • Reduce the time to make critical business decisions by weeks
  • Implement or upgrade analytics for most existing infrastructure within weeks, not months
  • Expand acceptance and enterprise use of accurate analytics to make decisions