BCP Policy and Framework

We recognize that every organization is different. To maximize the value delivered by our Business Continuity Planning Services, we create a customized program to meet the client's unique requirements that:

Infotech Resources, flexible Business Continuity Planning Framework allows critical parts of the overall Enterprise, called architectural segments, to be developed individually, while integrating these segments into the larger Enterprise Architecture. This allows for a smooth implementation while continuing to meet day-to-day business requirements.

This is based on our firm understanding that :

This segmented approach allows organizations to focus on business areas with higher priorities first, and gradually work their way towards building a Viable, Complete & Integrated Business Continuity Plan from the Segment Architectures.

As a part of this "practical" approach, Infotech Resources stays fully involved in the initial testing of Business Continuity Plans, organizing suitable exercises for the client and insists on conducting these in close co-operation with the key staff.

The Infotech Resources Difference

  • Create a VIABLE, COMPLETE and INTEGRATED B.C.M.S. that becomes a part of the organization's daily work plan rather than a hefty tome that gathers dust on a shelf Allows for clients to develop and "OWN" their DR/BCP rather than having it "prescribed" by external consultants.
  • Ensure Expertise and Knowledge are transferred to key staff
  • Viable and cost-effective planning based on global best practices and real-life learning's
  • Ability to ask tough questions and provide solutions tailored to your needs
  • Percolate a "risk assessed" culture that reduces external dependency