Application Support

For most software vendors and application developers, so called application support fees are a lucrative cash cow that keep on giving throughout the application life-cycle. Such fees being paid you are typically spread out among your organization's financial ledgers and departments amid a sprawl of myriad vendor contracts and can go unnoticed unless examined and calculated in their entirety.

Infotech application support services are meant to offer you "self-sustaining" capabilities and as an alternative to often expensive alternatives especially in the case of one-off applications. Our support services are priced to offer maximum flexibility and effectiveness by providing both on-call and full-time options and take in to account the need to imbibe specialized training where required. One of our most in demand offerings, we offer any kind of support that you may require at any point in time maintaining your applications - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Available through both remote and on-site, dedicated resources our support services provide you with full visibility on the history of your issues and action provided by using our issue tracker software.

Specific areas where clients have seen significant benefits through our services include:

  • Database maintenance activities (DBA support)
  • On Call L-1 Issue resolution
  • Client side roll-out and support of in-house developed applications
  • Maintenance Recommendations
  • Implementing Additional Modules
  • Application Training
  • Ad-hoc reporting and problem resolution
  • Audit Trial analysis and generation
  • Application Security implementation and analysis
  • Interface Development
  • Data Migration/Updating/Purging
  • Performance Fine Tuning
  • Utilization Audits etc.